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Eye Exam
Eye Exam



Our highly qualified optometrists will perform a detailed examination. We look at the visual system in detail and create an effective solution for your visual needs.

Our services include:

  • CASE HISTORY: including past and present vision and medical issues, as well as a detailed family history
  • ASSESSING YOUR VISUAL NEEDS at home, work, school and play, in order to allow us to determine your visual demands to suit your lifestyle.
  • VISUAL ACUITY: this is the clarity of your sight. We measure this with and without your current prescription.
  • REFRACTIVE STATUS: the focusing power of the eye, based on a combination of objective and subjective techniques.
  • BINOCULAR VISION: the ability to see using both eyes together. We look at the eye coordination, depth perception and eye movements.
  • COLOUR VISION: A colour-deficiency, otherwise known as colour blindness, is the reduced ability to discriminate between colours, especially shades of red and green. The condition is usually hereditary. No treatment options are available for this defect. It is important to mention it to his/her teacher. Choosing a career might also be of concern.
  • HEALTH OF THE EYE: we use the latest technology to assess the internal and external health of your eyes. This includes fundus photography, slitlamp evaluation to look at the front part of the eye, corneal topography to assess the curvature of the cornea, tonometry to measure the Internal Ocular Pressure, HRT to assess the optic nerve and Visual Field Screener.
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